Help & Support

ChargeBump is designed to be as simple to use as possible for EV drivers out on their travels, however we understand things are not always as clear as they may at first appear. If you have any questions that are not answered on these pages, then please visit the official ChargeBump support forums hosted at Speak EV where one of our community or the team will hopefully be able to help.

To get you started here are some details of the app and service which may help you on your way.

  • ChargeBump requires registration to work, this enables us to allow private sending and receiving of push notifications using only vehicle registration details.
  • ChargeBump also requires push notifications for the sending and receiving of "Bump Requests" between users.
  • ChargeBump only supports one vehicle per user at this time, we may add multi-vehicle support if demand is seen to exist.
  • ChargeBump supports predefined messaging between users only to make and respond to "Bump Requests", we have no plans to allow "free text" messages between users at this time.
  • ChargeBump relies on both the sender and receiver of the charging requests to be registered members to work. We will do our best to spread the word - but wider adoption would be greatly helped with a bit of community effort, and be appreciated by us all too!
  • ChargeBump requires users to remain logged in to receive notifications, although you can of course close the app and carry on using your phone as usual and still receive bump requests.
  • ChargeBump works using the Parse framework for storing user details and handling push notifications across platforms and devices.
  • ChargeBump was developed on the smallest of shoestring budgets. It may not work perfectly, but with support from the wonderful EV community we will endeavor to improve things as quickly as possible.
  • ChargeBump is entirely free, there are no subscription or ongoing costs.

We have designed some print-at-home items which we hope will help you help us encourage more EV owners to use ChargeBump. If you have any requests then please put them forward on the support forums.

If you have any further support questions, please ask on the ChargeBump support forums. Thank you!